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  • Dogsled Express
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  • Dogsled Express
    Mt Shasta

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    It's hard to describe a dogsled ride. Best comparison may be the calm before and after the storm. When you arrive the dogs are relaxed while he prepares the sled, lines and harnesses. When the first dog is harnessed the excitement and noise starts up. By the time he places the last couple of dogs into position, the whole team is worked into a state that gives you the impression that they are almost out of control. They are jumping and jerking lines while the noise is at a shrill pitch. After you are comfortably settled into the sled and he unhooksthe tie-off lines, it instantly turns quiet. The power in front of you is obvious as you take off in a sprint with snow flying about. Soon the dogs settle down into smooth rhythm. Their beauty and strength combined with the  majestic sights of Mt Shasta, Mt. Lassen and Castle Crags will thrill you and make you feel one with nature. At the trails end he encourage you to help in distribution of love, praise and snacks, while the dogs take it all in.   

    P.O. Box 452
    Etna, CA. 96027

    • Take the McCloud Exit,
    • Hwy. 89 East off Interstate 5, just South of Mt. Shasta. 
    • Travel approximately 6 miles to Ski Park Rd. (This is the road to the Mt. Shasta Ski and Board Park and the Mt. Shasta Nordic Center.