Peltier Trail
Whiskeytown Lake
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The trail is a loop, via Kanaka Peak Loop Trail and Peltier Valley Road. It can be hiked in either direction, but this guide describes the trail starting at the north end. Look for the trail head sign to the left at 1.0 mile past the Kanaka Peak Loop trailhead sign.

The trail follows an old logging road, ascending through a mixed forest of oak, maple and pine. Parts of the trail are deeply shaded by canyon live oak, mixed with pacific dogwood.

As the trail ascends, it winds around to a southern exposure. This part of the trail is rocky and always sunny. Pass the trail for Salt Gulch on the right.

After this steep but short uphill, the path levels off. Here the trail crosses a seasonal stream, the area is overgrown with wild grape. Continuing in a southerly direction, the trail passes through a stand of ponderosa pines.

Look for a grassy area to the left, overlooking the Paige Boulder Creek drainage. With flat rocks for resting, this is a good place to observe Mt. Lassen to the east. Take notice of the California buckeye. Towards the end of summer, it drops its leaves and produces a 2 inch diameter, nonedible seed.

Several hundred feet past the grassy area the trail forks. The right fork leads to another grassy area, ending there. Take the left fork down the hill. The trail is shaded, somewhat steep and requires careful footing. Cross Paige Boulder Creek with caution.

After crossing the creek, the trail continues uphill through a shady second growth forest. Look for the stumps of timber previously logged. Notice moisture and shade loving species such as Pacific dogwood, canyon live oak, big leaf maple and Douglas fir. Mosses and ferns can be seen year round.

The trail tops a ridge and descends quickly. It ends at the Kanaka Peak Loop Trail, turn left here.

Descend down Kanaka Peak Loop Trail also an old logging road.

Cross Paige Boulder Creek again. Across the creek is Peltier Valley Road. Turn left to return to your car and the Peltier trailhead. The road ascends gently through a cool mixed oak, pine and fir forest.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • Length: 3.0 mile loop

  • Vista of Lassen Range

  • Stream Crossings

  • This trail connects to the Kanaka Peak Loop and Salt Gulch Trails.
  • Safety information

    Wet and slippery rocks make creek crossings treacherous. Use caution when crossing any creek.

    Starting at the Whiskeytown Visitor Center, drive south on Kennedy Memorial Drive towards Whiskeytown Dam. The road forks. Take the left fork which becomes Paige Bar Road. Do not take the right fork over the dam. Turn right on Peltier Valley Road across from the Mt. Shasta Mine parking area. The Peltier trailhead is located approximately 2.7 miles from the Peltier Bridge Campground. The road is open from late spring through late fall depending on the weather. It is unpaved and crosses a shallow, seasonal stream. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. When the road is closed, park at the campground. Hike up the road 2.7 miles to the trail head.